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Following the death of King Samo in 659 AD, a massacre of all those who threatened the claim to the throne of Samo’s son Vladuc broke out throughout the Slavic empire. The deceased king’s main counselor and loyal friend Izimslavu managed to escape this blood massacre together with his two sons Vichoradu and Naum. Three other companions joined them – Izimslavu’s brother Radavan with his son Mojmir and his protector Oleg. Under Izimslavu’s leadership, the group flees towards the Frankish Bavarians‘ territory which spreads out throughout the deep Bohemian forest. In these inhospitable places full of violence and human recklessness, the Slavs search for both a desired place to live and their new identity.

The historical miniseries Slovan is a film project of the Clamor FILM group, and came into making in August 2019. With the help of sponsors and the financial support of donors from the platform Startovač, we managed to raise some funds to make the first part of the series happen. The script was reconstructed by linguists into Proto-Slavic and Old Bavarian language from the middle of the 7th century.

Currently, we are filming the first part of the series in the Western and Southern Czech Republic. Due to the coronavirus regulations, the shooting will be extended and should be finalized by mid 2021. At this time, we are also working on film music that will accompany the whole film series.

Slovan: první část Syn - amatérský film
Clamor FILM

Slovan: první část Syn - amatérský film




Filmaři z Klatovska začali natáčet miniseriál v Praslovanštině

Český rozhlas | ODKAZ

Czechs begin shooting Slovan miniseries in Proto-Slavic dialogue

Český rozhlas | ODKAZ

Na Šumavě vznikne snímek z doby Sámovy říše, herci promluví praslovanštinou | ODKAZ

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